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Righinal Abon Ikan Cakalang
Righinal Abon Ikan Cakalang
Righinal Abon Ikan Cakalang

Sell Righinal Abon Ikan Cakalang

This company is free member. For free member, we do not verify telephone number and address, so be careful in doing transaction. The safest way in transaction are:

  • Verify the address firstly
  • Do not send money before receive the order
  • Send money only to the bank account of company (CV or PT)
  • Avoid to send money to private bank account

Specification of Righinal Abon Ikan Cakalang

Righinal is one of the brands of Abon Fish produced by ilandseafood, Abon is a fast food suitable to be used as a side dish, practical and can be taken anywhere to accompany our meal. Abon Righinal fish is made from 100% fresh fish from the waters kep. kangean and sumenep. Fish meat containing lots of protein, vitamins, and omega 3 is very useful to meet the nutritional needs.
Preparation of Righinal fish abon with selected raw materials, and natural spices without using preservatives and flavorings (MSG). Processed with still attention to cleanliness and guaranteed HALAL.